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Most organizations overlook insider threats. Data security is paramount when dealing with your client’s data and your company’s valuable proprietary data. Inquisitive IT delivers organizations the same IT, cybersecurity, risk & governance approach that large organizations deploy.  How do we make it affordable? Our core strategy is called Least Trust Lean Function. The strategy is to provide employees the right amount of data access while also the ideal amount of IT resources.  Its an answer that regulators, auditors, and outside stakeholders want to hear.  We may also assist your end clients by providing tools, procedures, and education to protect their account access and assets in them. We call this secure laptop our Vault Platform

The majority of our new businesses and individuals utilize Google Workspace as it is cheaper and simpler to secure than the status quo (and aligns with our Least Trust Lean Function strategy). Workspace can be delivered via a managed browser or via Chromebook. We also assist Microsoft clients with building compliant cybersecurity programs. Inquisitive IT deploys over 100 CIS (Center for Internet Security) controls for each organization it manages while also providing all clients access to a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO). Cybersecurity programs require people, processes, and technology. Stop renting a set of tools and come see how Inquisitive IT is different. 

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Why Google?

Our team consists of cybersecurity practitioners, business founders, financial analysts, and technology engineers. We have deep experience securing and optimizing Google Workspaces (formerly G Suite). 

Google Workspaces dramatically reduces the attack surface by using browser based utilities and built-in security features such as Single Sign-On (SSO),  password-less encrypted passkeys, dual authentication, access logging, and a managed browser. This architecture makes it more affordable to secure, less tedious for your team, and tougher for hackers to get in. Workspaces allows your team to securely work anywhere. All of the utilities of a traditional desktop including spreadsheets, custom email, storage, backup, workbooks, calendar, MDM (mobile device management), access logging, and telephony are built into one integrated office system. Come check out how easy business can be on Google.   

5 most common attacks

Security Advisory

  1. Has your company experienced an incident of data loss, ransomware, or employee theft?
  2. Are you unsure that your security controls would pass the necessary compliance audit? 
  3. Are your customers, partners, or investors inquiring to see evidence of reasonable security commitments?
  4. What is your company’s history in acquiring cybersecurity insurance?
  5. Ever had an employee exit with customer lists or proprietary data? 


These are all common issues our clients are facing. Our approach is to assess your current security posture and propose an affordable and viable roadmap to address the gaps necessary to met the required target. 

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Client Testimonials

“Inquisitive's "security first” mindset designed our everyday IT systems and guided out team how to follow zero-trust best practices. The process and journey has felt like each Inquisitive member is part of our team. Inquisitive will always have a seat as a trusted advisor in our strategy sessions."
“Tim and the Inquisitive IT Team delivered the tools and education that are affordable and defensible to due diligence from cyber insurers and new clients"
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