Inquisitive IT

Personal Security Platform

Inquisitive IT VAULT Platform combines the tools, education, policies, and procedures to greatly reduce an individual’s cybersecurity risk. We stay informed on new threats and will continuously manage and improve the controls necessary to stay safe in the digital age. 

Security Tech

Modern security tools are the foundation of the of VAULT.  Phishing resistant MFA and device separation (financial and non-financial) are key aspects of our strategy. Deterrent, preventative, and detective tools all have a role in building resilience. 

User Awareness Eduction

We go beyond how to use the tech and we educate all end users on how, where, and why attackers succeed. Best practices include multiple layers of affirmation, authentication, logging, and incident response

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Tailored Policies

Key policies that match the risk, security friction, and intentions of the end user are implemented and enforced

Microsoft to Google Migration


Safeguards include: multiple signing authorities, limited account access, and strategic account separation