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What to expect if you are migrating your IT over to Inquisitive IT. Below is our 5 Step Process

Step 1: Scoping Meeting

This introduction meeting ascertains business goals and how the Inquisitive IT stack can best support those goals. Tasks include identifying lead Point of Contact (POC), lists of names, software, hardware, desired security destination, and checklists to initiate a Google Workspace build 

Cybersecurity BluePrint

Step 2: Configure Platform

Inquisitive IT will submit the Workspace application and configure the platform according to the desired security roadmap, list of access, and additional security measures necessary for platform launch

provision IT

Step 3: Launch Day

The credentials and authentication packages are communicated to all users. A basic “getting started” security seminar helps set the team up to navigate, work, and stay secure

Launch Day

Step 4: Tweaks and Adds

Are there automation that might make work easier? How about additional tools that might need to be integrated. Our followup is here to help accelerate your organization.


Step 5: Support Lines Established

Our 24/7 Hotlines are always open. As our name implies, Inquisitive is here to listen and challenge the status quo and always be ready to improve your IT services, Risk Management, Governance Program, or Security Roadmap.  

*Teams and Slack serve as our real-time support channels

Mission Control